-esque in a sentence

Sentence with the word -esque

The good professor's recent "there's no heaven" moment of "Imagine"-esque aplomb is what it is.

Hardy gained an additional 30 lbs. of muscle thanks to physical training and lived out a "Rocky"-esque fantasy in scenes where he waded through crowds of cheering fans on his way toward the fighting cage.

In other words, investors don't see Harrisburg heralding a Meredith Whitney -esque muni-meltdown.

The judges sit in "Jetsons"-esque chairs facing away from the performers, so they focus only on the quality of the voices.

In forming an adjective, -esque strikes me as a more elegant suffix than -ish, as in enronish or the less critical enronlike.

ABC's new "Desperate Housewives"-esque dramedy has gone through a few good names: "Good Christian Bitches" was toned down a bit to "Good Christian Belles" and...

Srsly? and are saturated with references to popular culture in a "Scrubs"-y/"Community"-esque attempt to delight the young'uns.

If you don't want a "Nanny Diaries"-esque roman a clef surfacing, it may cost you.

Aside from having a very "Fantastic Four"-esque name, Reed also had a great voice.

It's impossible to tell what's grayer about the "Ferris Bueller"-esque clip that hit the Web Thursday and quickly went viral -- the ambiguity of what it's promoting, or the hair atop the once eternally youthful Broderick's head.

Setting the table is the "Mo Money Mo Problems"-esque anthem "Hell Hole," the story of a would-be aspirant who, having happened upon a garish life, finds the existence of steak and lobster tails more complicated than his hardscrabble roots.

If you find yourself traipsing around the Dogpatch neighborhood one foggy night, you might stop short, fearing you've become part of a "Midnight in Paris"-esque time warp to turn-of-the-century San Francisco.

Driven by mandolin, acoustic guitar and Zuniga's unmistakably Lennon -esque vocals, the tune, co-written by Oreste Gargaro, describes an experience not uncommon for touring musicians: writing a love song while far away from its subject.

With its distinctive teenage voice and catty sexual humor, this show about a girl who moves to the 'burbs after her parents discover a box of condoms in her room has a "Juno"-esque feel.

You can play the 40- to 60-hour "God of War"-esque combat adventure and/or indulge in hundreds of hours of "Oblivion"-esque role-playing adventure, Schilling says.

ABC's new "Desperate Housewives"-esque dramedy has gone through a few good names: "Good Christian Bitches" was toned down a bit to "Good Christian Belles" and now it's the short, sweet and easily hash...

It's "Harvey"-esque plot concerns the friendship between an Easter Bunny heir apparent named E.B. (a playful vocal performance by Russell Brand), who doesn't want the gig, and a human slacker, Fred (James Marsden).

After the special ended - with those assembled singing "Thank You For Being a Friend" - White's new "Candid Camera"-esque prank show, "Off Their Rockers," debuted.

"The Paul Reiser Show" NBC at 8:30, as the new comedy series follows the former "Mad About You" star in his daily life during a "Curb Your Enthusiasm"-esque series.

His early demos feature two layered bass lines Michael Prince added the "Billie Jean"-esque kick and snare in the last mix MJ requested.

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