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"The past itself, as historical change continues to accelerate, has become the most surreal of subjects - making it possible... to see a new beauty in what is vanishing."

"Now the main areas of higher education that still enjoy considerable financial support from government are subjects like engineering and science and the research ringfence which is the basic minimum to protect Britain's scientific competitiveness."

"There have been two popular subjects for poetry in the last few decades: the Vietnam War and AIDS, about both of which almost all of us have felt deeply."

"I think poetry can help children deal with the other subjects on the curriculum by enabling them to see a subject in a new way."

"I didn't mind studying. Obviously math and the physical science subjects interested me more than some of the more artistic subjects, but I think I was a pretty good student."

"In my solitude I have pondered much on the incomprehensible subjects of space, eternity, life and death."

"I think it's funny to be delicate with subjects that are explosive."

"Noah and his family were the only loyal and obedient subjects to the legal power: they alone were saved."

"I try to write lyrics so that they won't age, which sort of leaves you with the big subjects like death and love and sex and violence."

"Every wise, just, and mild government, by rendering the condition of its subjects easy and secure, will always abound most in people, as well as in commodities and riches."

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