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"I felt alienated by the experience and decided to stay away from corporate employment."

"It's very rare that things are true about yourself that are on the Internet. It's just sad sometimes. So you definitely try and stay away from it as much as possible."

"I can't stay away from Chinese food. I really love that stuff."

"I don't think I really have any wisdom. Stay out of trouble. Good luck. Stay away from women because they will burn you, haha."

"I've learned to stay away from publicity addicts, people who want to be famous for no reason."

"I want to stay away from politics, or else I'll probably end up putting my size fifteen foot into my mouth."

"I did 10 years of comedies and 10 years of Westerns. I really like to stay away from car chases. I prefer the more intimate film. You have a much more direct association with the emotions."

"If you just stay away from junk, and stick with what your mom taught you, you're eating pretty healthy."

"I've had nine of my books adapted to film, and almost all were enjoyable. I've been very lucky with Hollywood, and look forward to more movies being adapted. But I don't get involved in that process. I know nothing about making movies and I stay away from it and hope for the best."

"The only reason I would stay away from a period piece is because sometimes the women are painted in a very stereotypical weakling, wallflower way - that's something I don't want to do. I want to show strength in the women I play, and a journey of some sort."

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