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"This is actually a very important principle that science is learning about large systems like evolution and that futurists are learning about anticipating human society: just because a future scenario is plausible doesn't mean we can get there from here."

"I think that's what distinguishes Schmidt, really. In the movies now, so much of what is appealing to an audience is the dramatic or has to do with science fiction, and Schmidt is simply human. There's no melodrama there's no device, It's just about a human being."

"God created the world the laws of nature were created by God. True science tries to find out what God put in the world. The trouble is where scientists speculate about theology and they don't know what they're talking about because they weren't there. They can't speculate about the origins of life because they weren't there."

"The conscious purpose of science is control of Nature its unconscious effect is disruption and chaos."

"If history and science have taught us anything, it is that passion and desire are not the same as truth."

"Education has failed in a very serious way to convey the most important lesson science can teach: skepticism."

"Nobody climbs mountains for scientific reasons. Science is used to raise money for the expeditions, but you really climb for the hell of it."

"The assumption that nature is all there is, and that nature has been governed by the same rules at all times and places, makes it possible for natural science to be confident that it can explain such things as how life began."

"I wanted to be a political science professor and go to school in Boston. I never wanted to be a big, famous movie star and TV star. It kind of found me."

"I'm chairing a UNESCO committee on how to improve global Internet communications for science help third-world people get onto the Net so they can be part of the process."

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