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"A woman uses her intelligence to find reasons to support her intuition."

"One of the reasons I'm an actor is because I was no physical specimen as a child. I wasn't athletic and didn't have any prowess in that regard. Growing up in Kentucky, most little boys were trying to get into sports, and it was very competitive, so that was not to be. But I did want to do something."

"There's a void of leadership in a lot of Washington. I think one of the reasons why there's so much angst across the country."

"There are many reasons why Mitt Romney should not become president, but perhaps the most important of all is the narrowness of his experience, perspective and vision."

"One of the main reasons I am so drawn to Hitchcock is that he planned his shots way in advance on story-boards, which he designed like classic paintings (he was an art connoisseur). It's why he found shooting on set boring - because he had already composed the film in his head."

"If there is one eternal truth of politics, it is that there are always a dozen good reasons for doing nothing."

"I think one of the basic reasons men make good friends is that they can make up their minds quickly."

"We have forty million reasons for failure, but not a single excuse."

"The design of Rhetoric is to remove those Prejudices that lie in the way of Truth, to Reduce the Passions to the Government of Reasons to place our Subject in a Right Light, and excite our Hearers to a due consideration of it."

"The reasons why I left were to do with my interest in Buddhism. There were experiences over a period of about six months which caused me to decide to give up music, so one morning I felt I had to go to E.G. Management and tell them."

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