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"Why do we go around acting as though everything was friendship and reliability when basically everything everywhere is full of sudden hate and ugliness?"

"Strong, generous, and confident, she has nobly served mankind. Beware how you trifle with your marvellous inheritance, this great land of ordered liberty, for if we stumble and fall freedom and civilization everywhere will go down in ruin."

"The lips on my upper right bicep are my girlfriend's lips. She has the most amazing lips, and I wanted to carry them around with me everywhere I go, considering I can't carry her lips physically with me. So I decided to place them in a discreet location, such as the inside part of my bicep."

"Nature is an infinite sphere of which the center is everywhere and the circumference nowhere."

"Nowadays nothing but money counts: a fortune brings honors, friendships the poor man everywhere lies low."

"Where there is reverence there is fear, but there is not reverence everywhere that there is fear, because fear presumably has a wider extension than reverence."

"Marketing has supplanted story as the primary force behind the worthiness of making a film, and that's a very sad thing. It's film only as a function of consumerism rather than as an important component of our culture, and that's everywhere around the world."

"If you look deep enough you will see music the heart of nature being everywhere music."

"Accidents happen, whether they're car accidents, friendly fire, drug overdoses. Accidents happen, and they're tragic. It's like a bomb that goes off and pieces of shrapnel rip into the flesh of the family. It's the families that need the compassion, because everywhere they walk, every day, someone reminds them of their loss."

"A purpose, an intention, a design, strikes everywhere even the careless, the most stupid thinker."

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