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"I've never let producers tell me what to do. Even when I was making television, I always did what I wanted to do, and if I couldn't, I didn't do it. It was a freedom that, these days, young directors starting out don't have."

"Some directors cast you because they trust you to do the performance - but then they forget to direct you."

"It's very difficult to break into motion pictures, but it's oddly easier for directors today because of independent films and cable, who have inherited for the most part those films of substance that the studios are reluctant to finance."

"I fear other actors who are not prepared. And I fear directors who are afraid."

"I never want to make a film. I don't wake up in the morning going, 'Ooh, I'd really love to be on set making a film today'. I'm aware that other contemporary film directors perceive film-making as what they do, as what they have to do. But I would hope that I am more catholic in my tastes."

"I wanted to trust in my partners and the directors and producers and do the best I can to deliver what I could deliver."

"A lot of directors idealize their leading ladies or turn them into these objects of sexuality and beauty."

"Of course for many years directors have had to go on the road with their movies and promote them and I've done that since the beginning. So that's not new but the forms of it are different such as with the internet."

"So, yes, there's nothing I love more than listening to directors talk about their movies."

"I'd like to work with any actress from whom I can learn-one who has had many experiences with many directors and is willing to share some of her knowledge with me."

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