certainly in a quote

"And it was a great experience, you know, to travel the world and compete at a certain level. It teaches you discipline, focus, and certainly keeps you out of trouble."

"Well, if this is poetry, I'm certainly never going to write any myself."

"When I get recognized for 'Twilight,' it's usually a teenage girl, and they're usually really loud. So it certainly feels like I get recognized the most from that, but it could just be because of the nature of how vocal those fans are."

"Where I come from, you don't really talk about how much you're earning. Those things are private. My dad never told my mum how much he was earning. I'm certainly not going to tell the world. I'm doing well."

"I get up at sunrise. I'm a Buddhist, so I chant in the morning. My wife and I sit and have coffee together, but then it's list-making time. I have carpentry projects. We have roads we keep in repair. It's not back-breaking, but it's certainly aerobic and mildly strenuous."

"I certainly hope I'm not still answering child-star questions by the time I reach menopause."

"I never dreamt of being a musician for my livelihood. I certainly never would have wanted to be in the business that I'm in, meaning the fame and the glory, the glitter, the rock star, the famous part."

"My dad was a good athlete. My mom had longevity. There were some athletic genes that certainly got passed down."

"Friendship is certainly the finest balm for the pangs of disappointed love."

"I certainly believe that improving our intelligence is of important national interest."

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