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"It wasn't until after private lessons and learning bass lines that I even noticed bass in the music I was listening to at that age. My ears were blown wide open."

"My dad taught me to play bass. He's a bass player he still plays in a band in Michigan to this day. He taught me to play bass when I was about 6. I used to just go to band practice with him, and whoever didn't show up for rehearsal that day, I would take their spot."

"I like the guitar better these days. I like the bass, too, but it's hard to fit a bass amp in a small car."

"The bass, no matter what kind of music you're playing, it just enhances the sound and makes everything sound more beautiful and full. When the bass stops, the bottom kind of drops out of everything."

"We went to a small lake, Bass Lake. It was beautiful. It was perfectly still when we got there in the morning. The fog was lifting off the water. It was just magical. And we did catch some fish, 13 fish."

"I always got great respect as a bass player."

"That was the reasoning behind learning to play bass, and then after that it was more like it was neat to play songs together - for me to play bass and for him to play guitar."

"Yeah, my drum programming especially is based on my knowledge of playing a drum kit. For the bass too, definitely. It was the first thing that I translated any sort of ideas through. It must have shaped it somehow."

"I recruited my dad to be my bass player and fired him on several occasions. He stayed on as a bus driver."

"I'm always interested in mixing technology and music. You know, maybe I'll have a MIDI bass pickup at some point, I don't really think that's the direction I would want to go."

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  • Synonym for "bass"
    • low, deep, heavy, base, basso
  • Antonym for "bass"
    • shrill
  • Phrases for "bass"
    • bass Celia, bass player, bass stripe, bass entree, sea bass
  • Rhyme for "bass"
    • Ace, Alsace, Cass, Chase, Glass
  • Hypernym for "bass"
    • pitch, vocaliser, vocalizer, singer, vocalist
  • Cross Reference for "bass"
    • bass lute, bass horn, general bass, monkey bass, alberti bass
  • Equivalent for "bass"
    • low-pitched, low
  • Form for "bass"
    • bassline, black bass, black sea bass, bass music, bass drum
  • Same Context for "bass"
    • guitar, baritone, tenor, piano, violin
  • Variant for "bass"
    • black bass, sea bass, redfish, whitewood, bast
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