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Quotes for "based":

"Practically all the relationships I know are based on a foundation of lies and mutually accepted delusion."

"Knowledge is in the end based on acknowledgement."

"I have faith in the United States and our ability to make good decisions based on the facts."

"This is a war universe. War all the time. That is its nature. There may be other universes based on all sorts of other principles, but ours seems to be based on war and games."

"I shall suggest, on the contrary, that all communication relies, to a noticeable extent on evoking knowledge that we cannot tell, and that all our knowledge of mental processes, like feelings or conscious intellectual activities, is based on a knowledge which we cannot tell."

"Yeah, my drum programming especially is based on my knowledge of playing a drum kit. For the bass too, definitely. It was the first thing that I translated any sort of ideas through. It must have shaped it somehow."

"Entertainment isn't just based on the very structured syndrome of European popular music, and it's great that there are so many thousands of people who are of the same opinion."

"Modern society, based as it is on the division of labor, can be preserved only under conditions of lasting peace."

"I think that what went wrong with religion is the same thing that went wrong with politics. Is that it became too money based and too controlling. It's just a weakness that we human beings have for control - we want one thing and then we want more and then we want more."

"I support concrete and progressive immigration reform based on three primary criteria: family reunification, economic contributions, and humanitarian concerns."

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