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"You've got to honor your relationship with your audience - that they sit down because they want to be entertained. And that doesn't mean you can't provoke them and antagonize them and challenge them in the course of the entertainment as long as you keep the entertainment part of the equation alive."

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  • Sentence for "antagonize"
  • Quotes for "antagonize"
    • "You've got to honor your relationship…"
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  • Synonym for "antagonize"
    • counteract, oppose, harass, pester, excruciate
  • Antonym for "antagonize"
    • appease, quell
  • Verb Forms for "antagonize"
    • antagonized, antagonizes, antagonizing
  • Phrases for "antagonize"
    • polarize antagonize, antagonize Israel, to antagonize, why antagonize, antagonize the
  • Rhyme for "antagonize"
    • agonize
  • Hypernym for "antagonize"
    • vex, get at, chafe, nark, nettle
  • Form for "antagonize"
    • antagonized, antagonozing
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