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"Don't be afraid to feel as angry or as loving as you can, because when you feel nothing, it's just death."

"My uncle Sammy was an angry man. He had printed on his tombstone: What are you looking at?"

"When angry count to ten before you speak. If very angry, count to one hundred."

"Civilization began the first time an angry person cast a word instead of a rock."

"Events will take their course, it is no good of being angry at them he is happiest who wisely turns them to the best account."

"I was very fortunate to play sports. All the anger in me went out. I had to do what I had to do. If you stay angry all the time, then you really don't have a good life."

"The world needs anger. The world often continues to allow evil because it isn't angry enough."

"I'm sure I am impatient sometimes. I sure do get angry sometimes. I think it's outrageous how hard it is to get this country to feed its children and to take care of its children, to give them a decent education."

"I'm always amazed when a pitcher becomes angry at a hitter for hitting a home run off him. When I strike out, I don't get angry at the pitcher, I get angry at myself. I would think that if a pitcher threw up a home run ball, he should be angry at himself."

"You can't live your life blaming your failures on your parents and what they did or didn't do for you. You're dealt the cards that you're dealt. I realised it was a waste of time to be angry at my parents and feel sorry for myself."

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  • Sentence for "angry"
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  • Synonym for "angry"
    • enraged, wrathful, choleric, wroth, passionate
  • Antonym for "angry"
    • pleased, apathetic, unimpassioned
  • Phrases for "angry"
    • angry mobs, angry mob, angry pissed-off, angry ex-student, ultra-nationalists angry
  • Equivalent for "angry"
    • stormy, enraged, wrathful, wroth, livid
  • Same Context for "angry"
    • fierce, furious, silent, nervous, indignant
  • Variant for "angry"
    • angriest, angrier
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