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"I have a pet lizard named Puff, five goldfish - named Pinky, Brain, Jowels, Pearl and Sandy, an oscar fish named Chef, two pacus, an albino African frog named Whitey, a bonsai tree, four Venus flytraps, a fruit fly farm and sea monkeys."

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  • Synonym for "albino"
    • albinoid, albinistic, hypomelanoid, amelanistic, amelanoid
  • Antonym for "albino"
    • melanistic, hypermelanistic, hypermelanoid, melanoid, melano
  • Phrases for "albino"
    • non-venomous albino, albino kangaroo, albino sturgeon, albino dolphins, albino corn
  • Rhyme for "albino"
    • rhino
  • Hypernym for "albino"
    • anomaly, unusual person
  • Cross Reference for "albino"
    • hypopigmented, hyperpigmented
  • Same Context for "albino"
    • mutie, two-legged, carnivorous, man-eating, theaverage
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