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Quotes for "aided":

"A homely face and no figure have aided many women heavenward."

"The only protection as a historian is to institute a process of research and writing that minimizes the possibility of error. And that I have tried to do, aided by modern technology, which enables me, having long since moved beyond longhand, to use a computer for both organizing and taking notes."

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  • Sentence for "aided"
  • Quotes for "aided"
  • Synonym for "aided"
    • relieve, succor, help, support, coƶperate
  • Verb Forms for "aided"
    • aided, aides, aiding, aids
  • Phrases for "aided"
    • ferries aided, resurrection aided, bankers aided, abroad aided, primarily aided
  • Rhyme for "aided"
    • Blade, Cade, Crusade, Dade, Jade
  • Hypernym for "aided"
    • resource
  • Cross Reference for "aided"
    • aider, court of aid, aiding and abetting, to pray in aid, first aid
  • Etymologically Related for "aided"
    • aide-de-camp, aidant, aide
  • Form for "aided"
    • aidless, first aid, aidman, aidful, aid climbing
  • Same Context for "aided"
    • assistance, support, service, care, benefit
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