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"I adore adverbs they are the only qualifications I really much respect."

"What people adore about superhero movies is the signal quality of the Christopher Nolan films - their complete lack of irony when it comes to the portrayal of heroism and the need for heroes to confront evil."

"It's a wonderful thing working with young actors. I know a lot of people don't like working with children. I actually adore it, because you watch their imagination open up and you watch them start to learn this job that I've been doing for so long. They come with such a lack of cynicism."

"I love you, and because I love you, I would sooner have you hate me for telling you the truth than adore me for telling you lies."

"I adore food and always have."

"With all the hybrid stuff and things like that, I think that's a fabulous direction to go with cars in that sense. As someone who grew up around muscle cars, I'll never not be able to not love a muscle car. Not that I don't care about the environment, that's not it. But I adore muscle cars."

"I'd love to be an artist that's multifaceted. At the moment, I am not. But wouldn't that be cool if I was like, 'Yeah, let me pull out my guitar and play you a song.' I would adore that. I am so far not gifted in that way. But I am a very hard worker and a very determined person, so who knows?"

"Not to say people shouldn't get rich from art. I adore the alchemy wherein artists who cast a complex spell make rich people give them their money. (Just writing it makes me cackle.) But too many artists have been making money without magic."

"Everyone goes to the same exhibitions and the same parties, stays in the same handful of hotels, eats at the same no-star restaurants, and has almost the same opinions. I adore the art world, but this is copycat behavior in a sphere that prides itself on independent thinking."

"I'm not much of a family man. I'm just not that into it. I love kids, I adore them, but I don't want to live my life for them."

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  • Sentence for "adore"
  • Quotes for "adore"
  • Synonym for "adore"
    • idolize, adorn, worship, admire, love
  • Verb Forms for "adore"
    • adored, adores, adoring
  • Phrases for "adore"
    • followers adore, adore her, adore celebrities, actually adore, and adore
  • Rhyme for "adore"
    • Boer, Bohr, C4, Dior, Dore
  • Hyponym for "adore"
    • fetishize, idolise, revere, idolize, worship
  • Hypernym for "adore"
    • love
  • Etymologically Related for "adore"
    • adorable, adoration
  • Form for "adore"
    • adorer, adorant, adorative, adoringly
  • Same Context for "adore"
    • twenty-thousand-year-old, other, well-concerted, statesmanlike, virtuousest
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