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"It's possible that I've matured as a writer, and I hope I've matured emotionally, but I always find myself revisiting these adolescent scenes."

"An adolescent is somebody who is in between things. A teenager is somebody who's kind of permanently there. And so living with them through the various teenage hopes and sorrows and joys was curiously enough a maturing experience for me."

"The present structure of rewards in high schools produces a response on the part of an adolescent social system which effectively impedes the process of education."

"I was brought up in the War. I was an adolescent in the Second World War. And I did witness in London a great deal of the Blitz."

"Every adolescent has that dream every century has that dream every revolutionary has that dream, to destroy the family."

"When it comes to raising civilized kids there are no hard rules, but there are two things on which most parents agree: Boys are generally wilder than girls, and adolescents are wilder than kids of any other age. If you've got an adolescent boy, you're in the sweet spot for trouble."

"There's only one thing harder than living in a home with an adolescent - and that's being an adolescent. The moodiness, the volatility, the wholesale lack of impulse control, all would be close to clinical conditions if they occurred at another point in life. In adolescence, they're just part of the behavioral portfolio."

"The toddler must say no in order to find out who she is. The adolescent says no to assert who she is not."

"If adolescent pregnancy prevention is to become a priority, then our strategy, as advocates, must contain two key elements: civic engagement and education."

"I am living out my adolescent dream of travel and adventure."

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