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Quotes for "accurate":

"Sometimes, surely, truth is closer to imagination or to intelligence, to love than to fact? To be accurate is not to be right."

"Black people don't have an accurate idea of their history, which has been either suppressed or distorted."

"There is no substitute for accurate knowledge. Know yourself, know your business, know your men."

"The thing about science is that it's an accurate picture of the world."

"The power of accurate observation is commonly called cynicism by those who have not got it."

"I try to respect the rules of the silent movies and I tried to make signification to make sense, and also the crew were very good and the fact that we shot in LA in the real Hollywood, studios and houses. We shot in the bed of Mary Pickford, and you cannot be any more accurate than that, so that helped a lot."

"Science is one of a handful of things that defines us as a very special species. It is amazing how far we have been able to get and how accurate our predictions are. I think understanding how the universe was born is very important. It really gives us a perspective on many things."

"If we don't have accurate information, if we are not able to tell difficult truth one to another, we will never be able to effectively design a policy for Iraq."

"Well, I think first of all there was a failure to have real, clear information at our disposal. There was a real lack of situational awareness. We didn't have the capabilities on the ground to give us real-time, accurate assessments of the physical condition of the city."

"A healthy vision of the future is not possible without an accurate knowledge of the past."

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  • Synonym for "accurate"
    • just, correct, exact, particular, nice
  • Antonym for "accurate"
    • inaccurate, inexact
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  • Same Context for "accurate"
    • correct, reliable, comprehensive, scientific, realistic
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