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Quotes for "accompanying":

"The more specific idea of Evolution now reached is - a change from an indefinite, incoherent homogeneity to a definite, coherent heterogeneity, accompanying the dissipation of motion and integration of matter."

"Now it is established in the sciences that no knowledge is acquired save through the study of its causes and beginnings, if it has had causes and beginnings nor completed except by knowledge of its accidents and accompanying essentials."

"Failure and its accompanying misery is for the artist his most vital source of creative energy."

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  • Synonym for "accompanying"
    • go with, attend, escort, company, convoy
  • Antonym for "accompanying"
    • abandon
  • Verb Forms for "accompanying"
    • accompanied, accompanies, accompanying
  • Phrases for "accompanying"
    • earpieces accompanying, accompanying Carroll's, accompanying leap, wreath accompanying, accompanying essay
  • Rhyme for "accompanying"
    • company, intercompany
  • Hyponym for "accompanying"
    • construe with, go with, cooccur with, attend, collocate with
  • Hypernym for "accompanying"
    • play, affiliate, consort, assort, associate
  • Etymologically Related for "accompanying"
    • accompaniment
  • Variant for "accompanying"
    • accompanied
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