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"I can't sit down long enough to absorb any kind of learning."

"You cannot simply put something new into a place. You have to absorb what you see around you, what exists on the land, and then use that knowledge along with contemporary thinking to interpret what you see."

"To love someone is to isolate him from the world, wipe out every trace of him, dispossess him of his shadow, drag him into a murderous future. It is to circle around the other like a dead star and absorb him into a black light."

"There is a subconscious way of taking violence as a way of expression, as a normality, and it has a lot of effects in the youth in the way they absorb education and what they hope to get out of life."

"The product of the artist has become less important than the fact of the artist. We wish to absorb this person. We wish to devour someone who has experienced the tragic. In our society this person is much more important than anything he might create."

"His claim to his home is deep, but there are too many ghosts. He must absorb without being absorbed."

"Movies absorb our attention more completely, I think."

"We're going to need to absorb some pain. The Republicans want to pile all the pain on people who can least afford it and the middle class and Democrats under his leadership want to make sure that we can address deficit reduction and continue to make investments and shared sacrifice is going to be imperative in order to be able to do that."

"Heroes to me are guys that sit in libraries. They absorb knowledge and then the risks they take are calculated on the basis of the courage it took to become replete with knowledge."

"It is a scientific fact that your body will not absorb cholesterol if you take it from another person's plate."

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  • Synonym for "absorb"
    • swallow up, engulf, engross, imbibe, incorporate
  • Antonym for "absorb"
    • emit
  • Verb Forms for "absorb"
    • absorbed, absorbing, absorbs
  • Phrases for "absorb"
    • absorb carbon, absorb pollution, absorb shock, absorb wine, absorb it
  • Rhyme for "absorb"
    • orb, reabsorb
  • Hyponym for "absorb"
    • blot, wipe up, sponge up, mop, mop up
  • Hypernym for "absorb"
    • flux, coalesce, fuse, merge, blend
  • Cross Reference for "absorb"
    • absorbing-well
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