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"Don't reward bad behavior. It is one of the first rules of parenting. During the financial cataclysm of 2008, we said it differently. When we bailed out banks that had created their own misfortune, we called it a 'moral hazard,' because the bailout absolved the bank's bad acts and created an incentive for it to make the same bad loans again."

"In modern society, where most people live in cities, and where both needs and wishes are absolved through the same remote agency - money - the distinction between wishes and needs has altogether vanished."

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  • Synonym for "absolved"
    • exonerate, acquit, pardon, finish, accomplish
  • Antonym for "absolved"
    • punish
  • Verb Forms for "absolved"
    • absolved, absolves, absolving
  • Phrases for "absolved"
    • absolved into, absolved by, have absolved
  • Rhyme for "absolved"
    • devolve, dissolve, evolve, involve, resolve
  • Hypernym for "absolved"
    • forgive
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