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Quotes for "absolve":

"White shall not neutralize the black, nor good compensate bad in man, absolve him so: life's business being just the terrible choice."

"Of course, Third World leaders love you. By ascribing third world ills to First World sins, you absolve them of blame for their countries' failure to advance."

"Here's the teaching point, if you're teaching kids about intelligence and policy: Intelligence does not absolve policymakers of responsibility to ask tough questions, and it doesn't absolve them of having curiosity about the consequences of their actions."

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  • Sentence for "absolve"
    • This is God's forgiveness; and absolution…
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  • Quotes for "absolve"
    • "White shall not neutralize the black,…"
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  • Synonym for "absolve"
    • exonerate, acquit, pardon, finish, accomplish
  • Antonym for "absolve"
    • punish
  • Verb Forms for "absolve"
    • absolved, absolves, absolving
  • Phrases for "absolve"
    • absolve Fox, can't absolve, absolve him, basically absolve, to absolve
  • Rhyme for "absolve"
    • devolve, dissolve, evolve, involve, resolve
  • Hypernym for "absolve"
    • forgive
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