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"I really subscribe to that old adage that you should never let the audience get ahead of you for a second. So if the film's abrasive and wrongfoots people then, y'know, that's great. But I hope it involves an audience."

"I often begin movies with music in my head it's a very important dimension to me. Not just the music itself, but how to use music in film: when and how and subtlety. I don't like to be too sweet in my stories, and I like the abrasive clang, the contrasting of sounds and cultures."

"Change means movement. Movement means friction. Only in the frictionless vacuum of a nonexistent abstract world can movement or change occur without that abrasive friction of conflict."

"In the beginning, New York and I had kind of a love-hate relationship. It seemed so abrasive compared to Europe. But the transformation here in recent years is really something. I don't think I would have seen as much change if I'd lived in any other city in the world."

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  • Synonym for "abrasive"
    • abradent, scrapy, fretting, graty, abrader
  • Antonym for "abrasive"
    • lubricant
  • Phrases for "abrasive"
    • abrasive midfielder, Spitzer's abrasive, abrasive style, too abrasive, often abrasive
  • Rhyme for "abrasive"
    • invasive, persuasive, pervasive
  • Equivalent for "abrasive"
    • unsmooth, rough, disagreeable
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    • abrasively, abrasion
  • Same Context for "abrasive"
    • gritty, corrosive, powdery, caustic, brash
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