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Quotes for "aberration":

"Some of us learned in a school of philosophy which taught that all was for the common good and nothing for oneself and have never, in any case, regarded the pursuit of happiness as anything other than an aberration of the human spirit."

"What I have is P.H. positive chronic myeloid leukemia, which is an aberration in your white blood cells."

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  • Sentence for "aberration"
  • Quotes for "aberration"
  • Synonym for "aberration"
    • insanity, derangement, dementia, hallucination, mania
  • Phrases for "aberration"
    • momentary aberration, demographic aberration, temporary aberration, complete aberration, aberration that
  • Rhyme for "aberration"
    • Alsatian, Americanization, Appalachian, Balkanization, Christianization
  • Hyponym for "aberration"
    • spherical aberration, chromatic aberration
  • Hypernym for "aberration"
    • folie, disturbance, mental disturbance, psychological disorder, mental disorder
  • Cross Reference for "aberration"
    • crown of aberration, constant of aberration, circle of aberration, planetary aberration
  • Form for "aberration"
    • aberrational, spherical aberration
  • Same Context for "aberration"
    • hallucination, anomaly, abnormality, discrepancy, perversion
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