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"When I was a teenager I would lock myself in the bathroom for hours, bouffanting my hair like Patty Duke and trying to recreate Barbra Streisand's flawless eyeliner, only to comb it all out and wash it all off before stepping out into the world a butchish bisexual teen."

"Experience is like a comb that life gives you when you are bald."

"By age seven, I used to comb my hair for performances, just pull my hair up into a bun. Granted, it wasn't a very intricate hairstyle. Still, to be that responsible and disciplined at age seven is unusual."

"The person who doesn't scatter the morning dew will not comb gray hairs."

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  • Synonym for "Comb"
    • currycomb, chaser, honeycomb, break
  • Verb Forms for "Comb"
    • combatively, combativity, combed, combes, combing
  • Phrases for "Comb"
    • fine-tooth comb, fine-toothed comb, comb through, horseback comb, comb dense
  • Rhyme for "Comb"
    • Boehme, Guillaume, Home, Jerome, Nome
  • Hypernym for "Comb"
    • search, crest, plate
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    • crest, antlered comb, drone comb, combed ware, segmented comb
  • Equivalent for "Comb"
    • combe
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    • orling
  • Form for "Comb"
    • combed, combing
  • Same Context for "Comb"
    • earring, buckle, towel, handkerchief, bracelet
  • Variant for "Comb"
    • combing, coombe, coomb
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