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  • verb-transitive:
    • to own as home; very own.
    • to possess as a good, characteristic, or any other characteristic: possessed great tact.
    • to obtain mastery of or have knowledge of: possess important information.
    • To gain or exert impact or control of; take over: Fury possessed me.
    • to manage or keep (one's nature) in a certain condition: we possessed my temperament regardless of the insult.
    • resulting in your can purchase, hold, or learn something, including property or understanding: She possessed by herself associated with the unclaimed items.
    • resulting in to-be affected or controlled, as by a notion or feeling: The thought of getting rich possessed him.
    • Obsolete to achieve or seize.
    • To occupy in person; to keep or actually have in one's own keeping; to own and to hold.
    • to really have the legal subject to; to own a just directly to; is master of; to possess; to own.
    • to get career or control of; to perform; to achieve; to seize.
    • To come into and influence; to regulate the might of; to fill; to impact; -- said especially of evil spirits, interests, etc.
    • to set up control; to help make the owner or owner of property, power, understanding, etc.; to acquaint; to inform; -- followed by of or with before the thing possessed, and today commonly used reflexively.
  • verb:
    • To have; having ownership of.
    • To take control of another person's human anatomy or head, especially in a supernatural way.
    • To vest ownership in (some body); to give some body power or knowledge; to acquaint; to share with.
    • come into and control, at the time of feelings or ideas
    • have actually as an attribute, understanding, or ability
    • have actually ownership or possession of
  • others:
    • your can purchase; have as a belonging, property, characteristic, or feature.
    • To seize; just take ownership of; make a person's self master of.
    • to include possession; make master or owner, whether by power or legitimately: with of before the thing, and today usually utilized in the passive or reflexively: as, to possess a person's self of some other's key; is or sit possessed of a specific manor.
    • to possess and hold; take directly; hence, to inhabit.
    • To reside; keep; maintain; entertain: mainly with a reflexive reference.
    • To imbue; impress: with with ahead of the thing.
    • To simply take control of; fascinate; enthrall; influence or influence therefore intensely or thoroughly on take over or overcome: with with before the thing that fills or dominates.
    • to own full energy or mastery over; dominate; control, as an evil nature, impact, or passion: usually within the passive, with by, of, or with.
    • to include control of data; inform; tell; acquaint; sway; persuade.
    • to realize; achieve; accomplish.
    • Synonyms Have, Possess, Hold, Own, Occupy. Have is one of basic of the words; it would likely apply to a temporary or to a permanent control of anything, on having of the that is one's very own or another's: because, to possess great judgment; to own another's letter in error. Have generally speaking pertains to what is exterior toward possessor, or, or even exterior, is regarded as anything to be utilized: as, to possess a library; whenever we say a man possesses fingers, we signify he has them to do business with; to possess reason will be contain it using looked at what can be done along with it. To put up is always to have in one single's fingers to control, not necessarily together's own: as, to carry an admirer or your dog for a girl; to keep a title-deed; to hold the stakes for a contest. To own is always to have a good and legal title to; one may get what he does not hold or inhabit and should not enter into his possession, as a missing umbrella or a stolen horse. Occupy is chiefly physical: because, to reside a property; it's possible to inhabit whatever he doesn't obtain, as a chair, area, office, place.
    • Holding Corioli inside name of Rome.

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