pore definition

  • verb-intransitive:
    • To read or learn carefully and attentively: pored across classified ads in search of an innovative new work.
    • To gaze intently; stare.
    • To meditate deeply; ponder: pored regarding matter.
    • to check or gaze steadily in reading or studying; to repair the attention; becoming soaked up; -- usually with on or upon, now generally with over.
  • noun:
    • A minute orifice in structure, like in your skin of an animal, offering as an outlet for perspiration, or in a plant leaf or stem, serving as a method of absorption and transpiration.
    • A space in stone, earth, or unconsolidated deposit that's not occupied by mineral matter and that allows the passageway or consumption of liquids: liquid seeped into the skin pores associated with the rock.
    • a tiny opening within the epidermis
    • by extension any little opening or interstice, specifically one of the main or enabling passage of a fluid.
    • among the moment orifices in an animal or veggie membrane layer, for transpiration, consumption, etc.
    • A minute opening or passageway; an interstice between the constituent particles or molecules of a body.
    • a little opening or orifice; a hole, aperture, or perforation; a foramen; an opening as a whole: since, the pores of a sponge.
    • one of several little interstices between your particles or particles regarding the matter-of which a body consists.
    • In botany, a small aperture or opening, as that in the apex of the anthers using Ericace√¶; in Pyrenomycetes, just like ostiole; in Hymenomycetes, identical to tubulus. See cut-under anther.
    • Minute spaces, in integument of starfishes, by which project the dermal branchi√¶.
    • into the Cystoidea, a tiny orifice in the dishes of the calyx sometimes present between your mouth as well as the rectum. Also known as the ovarian aperture.
    • any tiny gap admitting passage through of a liquid (substance or gas)
    • any little opening into the skin or external surface of an animal
    • one minute epidermal pore in a leaf or stem whereby fumes and water vapor can pass
  • verb:
    • to analyze meticulously; to debate repeatedly.
    • to meditate or mirror in a stable way.
    • direct an individual's interest on some thing
  • others:
    • To gaze earnestly or steadily; look with close and steady interest or application; look over or analyze everything with regular perseverance: generally accompanied by on, upon, or over.
    • An obsolete form of pour.
    • An obsolete or dialectal as a type of bad.

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