plunk definition

  • verb-transitive:
    • To put or spot greatly or suddenly: plunked the money down on the counter.
    • To strum or pluck (a stringed instrument).
    • To pluck and release rapidly (a musical sequence); to twang.
    • To put, press, drive heavily, plumply, or all of a sudden; ; also, going to or hit.
    • becoming a truant from (school).
  • verb-intransitive:
    • To drop or fall abruptly or heavily; plump: plunked on the sofa with a sigh of relief.
    • To give off a hollow twanging sound.
    • to help make an instant, hollow, metallic, or harsh sound, since by pulling difficult on a taut string and rapidly releasing it; of a raven, to croak.
    • To drop or sink down unexpectedly or greatly; to plump.
    • to relax and play truant, or “hooky”.
  • noun:
    • Informal huge blow or stroke.
    • a brief hollow twanging noise.
    • Act or noise of plunking.
    • A large sum of money.
    • A dollar.
    • a tough, lifeless blow: since, going to one a plunk.
    • A twang; a twanging noise: since, the plunk-plunk of banjo.
    • A dollar.
    • a hollow twanging sound
    • (baseball) striking a baseball so that it falls abruptly
  • adverb:
    • Informal With a brief hollow thud.
    • casual precisely; specifically: The dart arrived plunk in the middle of the prospective.
    • with a brief hollow thud
  • verb:
    • To drop or toss heavily (onto or into anything) so that it makes a sound
    • make or move alongside a sound at the time of a horse's hooves hitting the floor
    • drop steeply
    • pull softly but sharply with a plucking movement
    • set (one thing or oneself) down with or like with a noise
  • others:
    • To hit all of a sudden, with a dull sound; knock; bang: as, they plunked him with stones.
    • To hit (away); knock (from).
    • To take; fill saturated in ‘lead’ (missiles).
    • To pluck (a stringed instrument) in order to create a low or deep sound; generally, twang.
    • In order to make or produce an abrupt and usually heavy noise: specifically used associated with the harsh sounding of a stringed tool, and quite often strung on with arbitrary variations (as in the quote).
    • To croak or cry as a raven.
    • To plunge or drop straight down suddenly.
    • unexpectedly; plump: as, he came plunk contrary to the half-open home.

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