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  • noun:
    • A very little piece or component; a tiny portion or speck.
    • A very small or the smallest feasible amount, trace, or degree: not a particle of question.
    • Physics A body whose spatial degree and interior motion and construction, if any, are irrelevant in a certain problem.
    • Physics An elementary particle.
    • Physics A subatomic particle. See dining table at subatomic particle.
    • Linguistics An uninflected item that has grammatical purpose but does not plainly are part of one of many major elements of message, such as for example up in He seemed up the word or to in English infinitives.
    • Linguistics in a few methods of grammatical evaluation, some of various quick function terms, including articles, prepositions, and conjunctions.
    • Roman Catholic Church a little piece of a consecrated number.
    • Roman Catholic Church the smaller, specific hosts.
    • Archaic a little unit or portion of some thing written, such as for example a clause of a document.
    • a moment part or percentage of matter; a morsel; a little bit; an atom; a jot.
    • Any really small section or part; the littlest section.
    • A crumb or little little bit of consecrated number.
    • small hosts distributed in the communion regarding the laity.
    • A subordinate term that is never inflected (a preposition, combination, interjection); or a word that will never be utilized except in compositions.
    • An elementary particle.
    • a tiny component or piece, especially a little part or percentage of some material substance: as, a particle of dirt.
    • particularly, any very small piece or part of everything: positively, a minute amount; such a thing really small; an atom; a bit: as, he has got maybe not a particle of patriotism or virtue; will you be fatigued? Perhaps not a particle.
    • In grammar, a part of address this is certainly considered of minor consequence, or that plays a subordinate component in framework of phrase, as connective, indication of relation, or perhaps the love: such are specifically conjunctions, prepositions, additionally the primitive adverbs. The word is loose and unscientific.
    • Synonyms and Particle, Atom, Molecule, Corpuscle,iota, jot, mite, tittle, whit, whole grain, scrap, shred, scin-tilla. Atom and molecule are precise medical terms; another two associated with italicized terms aren't. A particle is mainly one minute part or little bit of a material compound, or, like in the case of dirt, pollen, etc., a substance that is out there in extremely minute form. Corpuscle is a somewhat old word for particle, to which this has virtually completely yielded place, using up rather a particular definition in physiology. See definitions; see additionally component, n.
    • In a document of any kind, an extremely small part of any statement or proposition; a clause.
    • inside Roman Catholic Church, the host provided to each put communicant.
    • In mech., a body or part of matter therefore minute that, while it possesses size, it may possibly be addressed as a geometrical point.
    • (nontechnical use) a little little bit of everything
    • a function term which can be used in English to form phrasal verbs
    • a body having finite size and inner construction but negligible dimensions

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