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    • either-or each of the upright curved lines, ( ),…
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    • Number in parenthesis is league's total…
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    • "The art of the parenthesis is…"
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parenthesis definition

  • noun:
    • either-or each of the upright curved lines, ( ), accustomed mark off explanatory or qualifying remarks written down or publishing or enclose a sum, item, or any other expression considered or treated as a collective entity in a mathematical procedure.
    • A qualifying or amplifying term, phrase, or sentence inserted within written matter in such a way concerning be in addition to the surrounding grammatical construction.
    • A comment departing through the motif of discourse; a digression.
    • An interruption of continuity; an interval: "that is among the things I wasn't ready for—the number of unfilled time, the lengthy parentheses of absolutely nothing” ( Margaret Atwood).
    • A clause, expression or term which will be placed (usually for explanation or amplification) into a passage which is currently grammatically total, and usually marked off with brackets, commas or dashes.
    • Either of a set of brackets, particularly round brackets, ( and ) (used to enclose parenthetical product in a text).
    • A digression; the employment of these types of digressions.
    • These types of brackets as always clarify expressions by grouping those terms afflicted with a common operator, or even to enclose the aspects of a vector or the components of a matrix.
    • A word, expression, or phrase, by means of remark or description, inserted in, or mounted on, a sentence which will be grammatically complete without one. It will always be inclosed within curved outlines (see def. 2 below), or dashes.
    • one of several curved lines () which inclose a parenthetic term or term.
    • An explanatory or qualifying term, sentence, or paragraph inserted an additional phrase or perhaps in this course of a lengthier passage, without being grammatically linked to it.
    • The upright curves ( ) collectively, or either of those individually, utilized by printers and article authors to mark off an interjected explanatory clause or qualifying remark: as, to put a word or term in parenthesis or within parentheses.
    • An interval; a rest; an episode.
    • Abbreviated par.
    • either of two punctuation marks (or) always enclose textual material
    • a note that departs through the primary subject
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