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  • noun:
    • Mathematics a continuing in an equation that varies in other equations of the identical basic type, specifically such a consistent in equation of a curve or area that may be diverse to represent a family group of curves or areas.
    • Mathematics One of a collection of separate factors that present the coordinates of a point.
    • certainly one of a collection of measurable factors, including temperature and pressure, that define a system and discover its behavior and diverse in an experiment.
    • Usage Problem an issue that restricts what exactly is possible or just what outcomes: "all variables of shelter—where people will stay, what mode of housing they choose, and just how they pay for it” ( nyc).
    • A factor that determines a range of variations; a boundary: an experimental college that keeps broadening the variables of its curriculum.
    • Statistics A quantity, eg a mean, that is computed from data and describes a population.
    • consumption Problem A distinguishing feature or function.
    • A variable held continual during an experiment, calculation or comparable.
    • A name in a function or subroutine meaning that is changed by, or bound to, the matching actual debate whenever function or subroutine is known as: an official parameter.
    • The value which is passed into the purpose to instantiate such a name; the argument or actual parameter.
    • A characteristic or function that differentiates one thing from others.
    • inside ellipse and hyperbola, a 3rd proportional to any diameter and its particular conjugate, or in the parabola, to any abscissa in addition to matching ordinate.
    • The proportion of three crystallographic axes which determines the position of any jet.
    • The fundamental axial ratio for confirmed species.
    • a continuing quantity that is section of a theory, purpose, or calculation, whose worth is not dependant on the type of the idea or equation itself, and may also in some cases be arbitrary assigned.
    • A term placed on some characteristic magnitude whoever value, invariable provided that one as well as the exact same purpose, curve, surface, etc., is considered, serves to distinguish that purpose, bend, area, etc., from other individuals of the same kind or family.
    • (into the ellipse and hyperbola), a third proportional to any diameter and its particular conjugate, or perhaps in the parabola, to your abscissa in addition to corresponding ordinate.
    • Any continual number which will be needed to calculate values of observed phenomena relating to a theory, nevertheless the worth of which must be determined by test, and cannot be calculated from fundamental presumptions of this principle. Generally, a theory which has a lot of parameters, though it may accurately predict experimental outcomes, is generally accepted as having less explanatory energy and also as being less esthetically pleasing than a theory with less variables.
    • The ratio regarding the three crystallographic axes which determines the career of any plane; also, the fundamental axial proportion for confirmed species.
    • The restrictions, instructions, or presumptions from within which an activity is performed.
    • A variable utilized in a calculation within some type of computer program which must be assigned a value prior to the calculation can be executed.
    • A characteristic or factor, especially one utilized as a criterion for analysis or wisdom.
    • in mathematics,: the 3rd proportional to virtually any diameter of a conic area as well as its conjugate diameter: particularly this is basically the parameter associated with the former of the diameters. The parameter of this transverse axis is named the principal parameter, or the parameter for the bend.
    • Any constant amount getting into an equation
    • A variable quantity of which the coordinates of a geometrical locus are direct functions. Thus, the coördinates of every universal algebraic curve can be expressed as rational functions of a single parameter.
    • In crystallography, the proportion of three axes which defines the career of every airplane of a crystal; more particularly, the ratio from the unit or fundamental plane for certain species: this axial ratio and the angular inclination of the axes constitute the crystalline elements for a species.
    • any factor that defines a system and determines (or limitations) its overall performance
    • a quantity (including the suggest or variance) that characterizes a statistical populace which can be approximated by computations from test information
    • a constant in equation of a curve that may be diverse to yield a household of comparable curves
    • (computer science) a reference or worth this is certainly passed to a purpose, process, subroutine, demand, or system

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