pane definition

  • noun:
    • A framed part of a window or door this is certainly typically full of a sheet of glass or any other transparent material.
    • The transparent product always fill these types of a section.
    • A panel, by a door or wall surface.
    • the level areas or areas of an object, such as for instance a bolt, having many edges.
    • a person sheet of cup in a window.
    • A layer within the build-up of a GUI.
    • Alternative spelling of peen.
    • The thin side of a hammer head. See peen.
    • A division; a definite piece, limited component, or compartment of any surface; a patch; ergo, a square of a checkered or plaided design.
    • One of the openings in a slashed apparel, showing the bright-colored silk, or the like, within; ergo, the bit of colored or other stuff so shown.
    • A compartment of a surface, or a set area; therefore, one part or face of a building.
    • particularly, in modern usage, the cup within one storage space of a window sash; a windowpane.
    • In irrigating, a subdivision of an irrigated surface between a feeder and an outlet strain.
    • the level surfaces, or facets, of any item having a few edges.
    • one of many eight facets surrounding the table of an excellent slice diamond.
    • a definite component or little bit of any area; a division; especially, a marked unit in a wall or fence.
    • . A pale; a stake.
    • In outfit: some fabric of a new color placed in a garment for decoration; a stripe or panel placed in a garment.
    • An opening or cut in a dress, either for the purpose of displaying a garment underneath or for the insertion of a piece of cloth of another color or fabric.
    • A skirt, since a coat; a lappet or flap; also, a robe.
    • an item, component, or section having primarily an airplane area and a rectangular or other definite shaped form.
    • A square in a checkered structure.
    • A flat-dressed part or face of a stone or sign.
    • A panel or division of a work; a sunken part enclosed by a border.
    • In irrigation, a subdivision of the irrigated area between a feeder and an outlet-drain.
    • The side of a tower, spire, or any other building.
    • one of several eight edges regarding the table of brilliant-cut diamond.
    • the edges of a bolt-head or huge fan. Peanuts are designated in line with the number of sides, as six-paned peanuts, eight-paned peanuts, etc.
    • A hide or side of fur; fur.
    • The striking face of a hammer.
    • In milling: the room between two leader-furrows in a millstone; the space from 1 leader-furrow to the next.
    • among the burstones which form the facial skin of a millstone.
    • road title for lysergic acid diethylamide
    • a panel or part of panels in a wall or door
    • sheet cup cut-in shapes for windows or doorways
  • others:
    • To insert panes or panels in. See paned.

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