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  • noun:
    • Nautical A projecting ray or spar go out through the side of a vessel to simply help in acquiring the masts or from a mast to be used in expanding a rope or sail.
    • Nautical an extended thin float affixed parallel to a seagoing canoe by projecting spars as a means of stopping it from capsizing.
    • Nautical A vessel fitted with such a float or beam.
    • Nautical A support for an oarlock projecting from the part of a racing shell.
    • Nautical A racing layer fitted with these types of a support.
    • A projecting framework extending laterally beyond the key framework of a vehicle, aircraft, or machine to support the structure or support an expanding part.
    • any of various projecting beams that provide support for a mast or, fitted with a float, provide assistance for a canoe
    • an outrigger canoe
    • an extention process, frequently retractable when not in use, on a boat, automobile, or framework which helps stabilize the ship, automobile, or structure to help keep it from tipping over
    • Any spar or projecting timber run out for temporary use, as from a ship's mast, to put on a rope or a sail extended, or from a building, to support hoisting teckle.
    • A projecting support for a rowlock, extended from side of a boat.
    • A boat thus equipped.
    • A projecting contrivance beside a boat to stop distressing, as projecting spars with a log by the end; in addition made use of attributively, as an outrigger canoe.
    • A projecting framework regularly offer the elevator or tail planes, etc.
    • Nautical: A spar rigged from a ship's top or crosstrees, to spread the breast-backstays.
    • Any increase rigged out of a ship's part to hang ships by.
    • A heavy spar or powerful beam of lumber placed across a ship's deck, lashed firmly to both edges associated with ship, and achieving tackles from its projecting comes to an end into the masthead, to aid in acquiring the mast although the ship is hove straight down.
    • Any spar thrust off to help offer a lead to a purchase or even to increase a sail.
    • An iron bracket fixed to your away from a boat and holding a rowlock at its extremity, made to raise the control of the oar.
    • ergo A light motorboat given these types of equipment.
    • A-frame rigged out from the side of canoes when you look at the countries of the Indian and Pacific oceans, to create a counterpoise and prevent the ship from upsetting.
    • In machinery: A pulley or wheel extended outside the basic framework of a device.
    • The jib of a crane, or a joist projecting from a building to support a hoisting-tackle.
    • start to see the quotation.
    • A-frame utilized on a farm wagon, to allow it to hold bigger lots, at the time of hay.
    • a stabilizer for a canoe; spars put on a-shaped log or float parallel toward hull

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