nonpareil definition

  • adjective:
    • Having no equal; peerless: the Yankees' nonpareil center fielder.
    • Having no equal; peerless.
    • eminent beyond or above comparison
  • noun:
    • A person or thing which have no equal; a paragon.
    • See painted bunting.
    • a little, level chocolate drop covered with white pellets of sugar.
    • A person or thing which includes no equal; a paragon.
    • a tiny pellet of colored sugar made use of as decoration on cooked products and candy.
    • A small, level chocolate fall covered with white pellets of sugar, like a comfit.
    • (printing) A type dimensions; nonpareille.
    • One thing of unequaled excellence; a peerless thing or individual; a nonesuch; -- frequently utilized as a name.
    • A size of kind next smaller compared to minion and next bigger than agate (or ruby).
    • A beautifully colored finch (Passerina ciris), native of this Southern usa. The male has got the head and neck-deep azure, rump and under parts scarlet, as well as wings golden green, and the tail bluish purple. Called in addition coated bunting and painted finch.
    • just about any comparable bird of the same genus.
    • a little world, not as much as 1 mm diamter, of colored sugar, familiar with enhance confections; -- frequently found in the plural as though title of a compound.
    • a kind of candy chocolate composed of a small flat disk of chocolate, under one-inch diameter, having nonpareils{4} sprinkled on top.
    • you or thing of peerless superiority; a nonesuch; anything regarded as special with its sort.
    • exclusively— In ornithology:
    • The pointed finch or painted bunting, Passerina or Cyanospiza ciris: so named from its beauty. The most effective and edges of this head and throat are rich-blue, the rear golden-green, the rump and under components vermilion-red. The female is greenish above, yellow below. The bird is about 5½ inches lengthy, and typical when you look at the Southern Atlantic and Gulf States, especially Louisiana, in which its occasionally called pape or pope. Its a near relative associated with the indigo-bird in addition to lazuli-finch. Also known as incomparable.
    • The flower- or rosella-parrakeet, Platycercus eximius: so-called from the beauty. See cut under rosella.
    • In conchology, a gastropod for the genus Clausilia.
    • In publishing, a size of type, developing about 12 lines into inch. In American system of sizes its advanced between minion (larger) and agate (smaller); into the English system it's between the sizes emerald (larger) and ruby (smaller). (The type of this part is nonpareil.)
    • model of excellence or excellence of a kind; one having no equal
    • colored beads of sugar made use of as a topping on e.g. sweets and cookies
    • a flat disk of chocolate covered with beads of colored sugar
  • others:
    • Having no equal; peerless.

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