mule definition

  • noun:
    • The sterile hybrid offspring of a male donkey and a lady horse, described as long ears and a quick mane.
    • A sterile hybrid, as between a canary as well as other wild birds or between certain plants.
    • Informal A stubborn individual.
    • A spinning machine that makes thread or yarn from fibers. Also called spinning mule.
    • a little, typically electric tractor or locomotive useful for hauling over short distances.
    • Slang A person who functions as a courier of unlawful medications.
    • A slipper or shoe which includes no counter or band to fit all over heel.
    • A generally sterile male or female hybrid offspring of a male donkey and a lady horse.
    • A generally sterile hybrid offspring of every two species of animals.
    • A stubborn individual.
    • an individual paid to smuggle drugs.
    • A coin or medal minted with obverse and reverse styles perhaps not usually seen for a passing fancy piece, either intentionally or perhaps in mistake.
    • A character on an MMORPG mainly utilized to store extra inventory associated with the owner's primary personality.
    • A shoe which has had no fitted or band around the heel, but which takes care of the base.
    • A hybrid animal; particularly, one created between an ass and a mare. Often the term is applied to the offspring of a horse and a she-ass, but that hybrid is much more properly called a hinny. See hinny.
    • A plant or veggie made by impregnating the pistil of one species aided by the pollen or fecundating dirt of another; -- labeled as additionally crossbreed.
    • a rather persistent person.
    • A machine, used in production facilities, for rotating cotton fiber, wool, etc., into yarn or bond and winding it into cops; -- labeled as also jenny and mule-jenny.
    • A slipper that has no fitting around the heel.
    • A hybrid animal generated between the butt and also the horse.
    • A hybrid overall; a mongrel; a cross between different pets.
    • The scaup-duck, Fuligula marila. Rev. C. Swainson. [Prov. Eng.]
    • In botany, a plant or vegetable made by impregnating the pistil of one species using the fecundating section of another; a hybrid.
    • In spinning, a device invented by Samuel Crompton (finished 1779), where the rovings are delivered from some units of drawing-rollers to spindles placed on a carriage which moves out of the rollers although the thread has been turned, and comes back toward the rollers as the bond is being wound: so-named given that it ended up being a mix of the drawing-rollers of Arkwright and the jenny of Hargreaves.
    • In numismatics, a coin, token, or medal which, due to mistake or caprice, contains two obverse or two reverse types, or that the obverse and reverse types are unintentionally associated.
    • A slipper without heel-piece or quarter.
    • The foot of a wine-glass.
    • an ailment in horses.
    • In mech., a locomotive for towing canal-boats, managed by compressed air, electrical energy, or vapor: so-called since it replaces the mules typically utilized for towing.
    • a slipper that no installing round the heel
    • crossbreed offspring of a male donkey and women horse; generally sterile

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