motive definition

  • noun:
    • An emotion, desire, physiological need, or similar impulse that will act as an incitement to action.
    • A motif in art, literary works, or songs.
    • a motivation to do something; a reason for performing some thing; anything that encouraged a range of activity.
    • A motif; a theme or topic, specially one that is central into work or usually repeated.
    • whatever moves; a mover.
    • whatever incites to action; everything prompting or interesting to choise, or going the might; cause; explanation; inducement; object; motivation{2}.
    • The theme or topic; a number one phrase or passage that will be reproduced and varied through the span of a comor a movement; a brief figure, or melodic germ, off which a whole motion is develpoed. See additionally Leading motive, under Leading.
    • That which creates conception, invention, or creation inside mind associated with artist in carrying out his topic; the leading or managing concept manifested in a-work of art, or any element of one.
    • A mental state or power which causes an act of volition; a determining impulse: particularly, a desire for some thing; a gratification contemplated as last reason behind a particular activity of the one desiring it.
    • the style or object you have in virtually any activity; purpose; function; the ideal item of desire.
    • one that or whatever could be the reason behind something; an originator.
    • Motion.
    • Prevailing design.
    • . Movement; proposition.
    • Synonyms Motive, factor, Inducement, Incentive, Impulse, consideration, prompting, stimulation. The differences one of the primary five of those terms tend to be suggested because of the derivations. A motive is which moves someone to work, addressing the might, as if straight, and deciding the selection; it's the typical philosophical term, and could be collective: as, the complete industry of motive. Grounds usually which addresses the rational nature by way of debate for either belief or choice. An inducement leads one on by their desire to have great: since, to hold on yet another inducement. An incentive urges one on like martial songs. An impulse drives one on, it is transitory.
    • the psychological function that arouses an organism to activity toward a desired goal; the cause of the activity; that which gives purpose and path to behavior
    • a style that's repeated or elaborated in an item of music
    • a design or figure that contains continual shapes or colors, like in design or design
  • adjective:
    • Causing or in a position to cause motion: motive energy.
    • Impelling to activity: motive pleas.
    • Of or constituting an incitement to activity.
    • Causing movement; having power to go, or tending to go; because, a motive argument; motive energy.
    • concerning movement and/or to its cause
    • Causing motion; having power to go, or looking after move.
    • causing or capable trigger motion
    • impelling to activity
  • verb-transitive:
    • To motivate.
    • To prompt or incite by a motive or motives; to go.
  • verb:
    • To prompt or incite by a motive or motives; to maneuver.
  • others:
    • Causing motion; having capacity to go somebody or something like that; looking after create movement.
    • Moving or impelling power in a figurative sense.
    • what moves, as a locomotive; in railroading, the locomotives collectively of a railroad: because, the super-intendent associated with motive power.
    • To act on as a motive, or with the power of a motive; prompt; instigate.

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