mood definition

  • noun:
    • circumstances of brain or emotion.
    • A pervading effect of an observer: the somber mood of painting.
    • An incidence of sulking or upset behavior.
    • Inclination; personality.
    • Grammar some verb kinds or inflections used to indicate the speaker's mindset toward the factuality or likelihood of the action or problem expressed. In English the indicative mood is employed to create informative statements, the subjunctive state of mind to indicate question or unlikelihood, and crucial state of mind to state a command.
    • Logic The arrangement or type of a syllogism.
    • a mental or mental state, composure
    • a sullen mental state; a negative mood
    • a disposition to complete anything
    • a prevalent atmosphere or sensation
    • A verb kind that relies on how its containing clause pertains to the speaker’s or writer’s desire, intention, or assertion about reality
    • Manner; style; mode; logical form; music design; manner of activity or becoming. See mode which is the preferable kind).
    • types of conceiving and revealing action or being, as positive, feasible, conditional, hypothetical, obligatory, imperitive, etc., without reference to various other accidents, such as time, person, number, etc.
    • Temper of head; temporary condition of this mind regarding enthusiasm or feeling; laughter
    • Mind; heart.
    • Temper of head; state of the head as regards passion or experience; disposition; humor: as, a melancholy mood.
    • Heat of mood; anger.
    • Zeal: inside phrase with main and state of mind, with may and primary; with a will.
    • A morbid or great frame of mind, as a fit of bad temper, sudden fury, or sullenness; in addition, lack of head, or abstraction: typically used in the plural.
    • circumstances of mind with reference to anything to be done or omitted; an even more or less capricious state of sensation disposing anyone to activity: commonly into the phrase inside feeling: as, numerous performers work only when these are typically in the mood.
    • In grammar, same as mode, 3.
    • In logic, a number of syllogism depending on the quantity (universal or particular) and quality (affirmative or negative) of propositions creating it.
    • In music, same as mode, 7.
    • Mother-of-vinegar.
    • the prevailing emotional condition
    • a characteristic (habitual or fairly temporary) condition of feeling
    • verb inflections that express the way the activity or state is conceived by the presenter

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