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    • The theory that residing organisms tend to be…
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monogenesis definition

  • noun:
    • The theory that residing organisms tend to be descended from an individual cellular or organism.
    • Asexual reproduction, as by sporulation.
    • The theory that humanity began with an individual ancestor or ancestral couple.
    • The theory that all languages, or a particular group of languages, comes from just one resource.
    • The emergence from one cause.
    • Oneness of source; esp. (Biol.), improvement all beings into the world from an individual cell; -- in opposition to polygenesis. Known as additionally monism.
    • That form of reproduction which needs but one mother or father, as in reproduction by fission or in the formation of buds, etc., which fall off and form brand-new people; asexual reproduction.
    • The direct growth of an embryo, without metamorphosis, into an organism similar to the parent organism; -- opposed to metagenesis.
    • In biology:
    • growth of the ovum from a parent comparable to itself: opposed to metagenesis.
    • Generation of someone from one mother or father which develops both male and feminine products, or ova and spermatozoa.
    • lineage of living things from just one mobile.
    • Origination or derivation from one species, or, in a restricted good sense, from an individual set. Compared with polygenesis (which see).
    • asexual reproduction by the manufacturing and release of spores
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