mixture definition

  • noun:
    • The act or process of blending: an alloy created from the blend of two metals.
    • the healthiness of being combined: the unavoidable mixtures of metropolitan neighborhoods.
    • anything made by blending.
    • One that contains diverse elements: your day was a mixture of sunshine and clouds.
    • A fabric made of different kinds of bond or yarn.
    • Chemistry A composition of several substances that are not chemically combined with one another and so are with the capacity of being divided.
    • The work of mixing.
    • Something created by mixing.
    • a thing that comprises of diverse elements
    • A medicinal compound
    • The work of mixing, or the state of being combined.
    • what outcomes from mixing various components collectively; a compound; ; -- also, a medley.
    • a component entering into a mixed mass; an extra ingredient.
    • a type of liquid medicine made up of many components; esp., as opposed to option, a liquid preparation when the solid ingredients aren't completely mixed.
    • quite a few several ingredients, the particles which tend to be separable, separate, and uncompounded with each other, in spite of how carefully and finely commingled; -- contrasted with a compound and option.
    • An organ stop, comprising from two to five ranges of pipes, utilized just in conjunction with the inspiration and compound stops; -- labeled as additionally furniture end. It is made of high harmonics, or overtones, regarding the ground tone.
    • The work of mixing, or perhaps the state to be combined.
    • what results from mixing; a mixed mass, human anatomy, or assemblage; a compound or mix of different ingredients, components, or concepts; particularly, in drugstore, a preparation which insoluble substances are suspended in watery liquids through gum arabic, sugar, the yolk of eggs, or any other viscid matter. When the suspended substance is of an oleaginous nature, the mixture is correctly called an emulsion.
    • Admixture; something mingled or included.
    • In chem., a blending of a few ingredients without substance alteration associated with the substances, all of which nonetheless keeps its very own nature and properties: distinguished from combo, when the substances unite by substance attraction, lose their particular distinct properties, and form a compound differing with its properties from the components.
    • In organ-building, a fluestop having a couple of pipelines to every digital, the pipes becoming so tuned as to give specific units of the shriller harmonics of the fundamental tone regarding the electronic; a compound end.
    • A cloth of variegated or mottled color, usually of sober tints.
    • In printing, typesetting that calls for the use of three or higher distinct faces or faces and figures of type.
    • identical to krasis.
    • Synonyms combination, Miscellany, Medley, Farrago, Hotchpotch, Jumble; variety, diversity. Mixture is an over-all term denoting a compound of two or more ingredients, more often, however always, congruous. Miscellany is a collection of things perhaps not closely connected, but brought collectively by logical design: “A miscellany has the diversity without the incongruity of a medley.” (C. J. Smith, Syn. Disc., p. 564.) Particularly, a miscellany is a collection of separate literary pieces, the unity lying only inside their general personality. A medley is a mixture or collection of things distinctly incongruous: the term gets the certain sense of a song or track contains scraps of other tracks or tunes ingeniously and amusingly fitted together. Farrago emphasizes the confusion or indiscriminateness regarding the mixture or collection: it's applied mainly to printed or talked discourse. Hotchpotch is a still more vigorous appearance regarding the confusion associated with the collection, the theory becoming attracted from boiling collectively of shreds of all of the types of meals. Jumble suggests the notion of a heap turned-over and more than till everything is hopelessly mixed. The figurative utilizes correspond really on literal.
    • The material when it comes to charge of an internal-combustion motor.
    • a conference that combines things in a combination
    • any foodstuff made by incorporating various ingredients
    • (chemistry) a substance composed of a couple of substances combined collectively (not in fixed proportions and not with chemical bonding)
    • a group containing a variety of sorts of things
    • the act of blending collectively

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