mirror definition

  • noun:
    • A surface with the capacity of reflecting enough undiffused light to form a picture of an object put in front of it. Also known as looking glass.
    • Something that faithfully reflects or provides a genuine picture of another thing.
    • anything worthy of replica.
    • A smooth area, usually made of glass with reflective product coated regarding the underside, that reflects light so as to provide a picture of understanding in front of it.
    • an object, individual, or occasion that reflects or gives an image of some other.
    • An exact content of a data ready, especially a web page.
    • A looking-glass or a speculum; any cup or polished material that forms photos by the reflection of rays of light.
    • whatever offers a true representation, or in which a real image may be seen; therefore, a pattern; an exemplar.
    • See Speculum.
    • A polished surface, as of metal, or of cup backed by a metal or other opaque compound, accustomed reflect items, particularly to mirror the face area or individual as an aid in creating the bathroom.
    • Specifically, in optics, a surface of glass or polished substance that types pictures by the reflection of rays of light; a speculum.
    • Figuratively, that in or by which anything is shown or exemplified; therefore, a pattern; an exemplar.
    • In architecture, a little oval ornament enclosed by a concave molding; a straightforward type of cartouche.
    • In ornithology, identical to speculum.
    • A Japanese mirror of cast-metal, which, when made to mirror sunshine upon a screen at a proper length, programs in reflection bright pictures that are counterparts of raised numbers or characters from the straight back for the mirror. These, as with any Japanese mirrors, are circular in form, are about one eighth of an inch dense in thinnest part, and are also usually encircled from the back by an increasing rim. The top of mirror is typically somewhat convex, and coated with an amalgam of mercury therefore the material developing the mirror. The surface is in your area customized in its curvature because of the characters, either because of the shrinking of material in air conditioning, or by its deformation in the process of amalgamation or of polishing. Only some associated with mirrors which evidently response to the general information according for their construction hold the “magic” home in virtually any great level.Soemmering's mirror, in microscopy, a plane mirror of polished steel, smaller than the pupil regarding the attention, placed prior to the eyepiece associated with the microscope to be utilized such as the camera lucida in making drawings.
    • A glass supported with an amalgam of tin or gold.
    • polished area that forms images by reflecting light
    • a faithful depiction or reflection
  • verb-transitive:
    • To reflect in or as if in a mirror: "The city mirrors many of the greatest moments of Western culture” ( Olivier Bernier).
    • To mirror, as in a mirror.
    • To copy or duplicate; to mimic or copy.
    • To have a detailed similarity to.
  • verb:
    • Of an event, activity, behavior, etc, become identical to, become a duplicate of.
    • to produce something the same as (a web site, etc.).
    • To mirror.
    • mirror as if in a mirror
    • show or resemble
  • others:
    • To mirror in or as in a mirror.

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