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    • Botany A minute opening in the ovule of…
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    • This opening is called the "micropyle,"…
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micropyle definition

  • noun:
    • Botany A minute opening in the ovule of a seed plant by which the pollen tube generally gets in.
    • Zoology A pore into the membrane covering the ovum of some creatures through which a spermatozoon can enter.
    • In seed-bearing flowers, a little orifice in the integuments associated with ovule by which sperm are able to access the ovum.
    • An opening within the membranes surrounding the ovum, by which diet is assisted together with entrance of this spermatozoa allowed.
    • An opening in outer coat of a seed, whereby the fecundating pollen enters the ovule.
    • In botany, the orifice or channel inside coats for the ovule ultimately causing the apex of this nucleus, through which the pollen-tube penetrates.
    • In zoology: The scar or hilum of an ovum at point of its attachment on ovary
    • Any opening when you look at the coverings of an ovum whereby spermatozoa may access the interior, or a cluster of minute skin pores on top of an egg whereby fertilization is effected. From the eggs of lepidopterous insects these skin pores frequently form a rosette at one end.
    • In zoology: using sporozoans, a moment opening inside o√∂cyst through which the microgamete enters to fertilize the macrogamete.
    • small orifice in the wall of an ovule by which the pollen pipe comes into
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