mercury definition

  • noun:
    • A silvery-white poisonous metallic element, fluid at room temperature and found in thermometers, barometers, vapor lights, and batteries and in the planning of chemical pesticides. Atomic number 80; atomic weight 200.59; melting point -38.87°C; boiling-point 356.58°C; specific gravity 13.546 (at 20°C); valence 1, 2. Also called quicksilver. See Table at factor.
    • Temperature: The mercury had dropped quickly by early morning.
    • Any of a number of weedy flowers of genera Mercurialis or Acalypha.
    • A metal.
    • A plant.
    • A Latin god of commerce and gain; -- treated because of the poets as identical with the Greek Hermes, messenger of gods, conductor of souls to your lower globe, and god of eloquence.
    • A metallic element mostly obtained by reduction from cinnabar, one of its ores. It is a heavy, opaque, glistening liquid (commonly called quicksilver), and is used in barometers, thermometers, etc. Specific gravity 13.6. Symbol Hg (Hydrargyrum). Atomic weight 199.8. Mercury has a molecule which consists of only one atom. It was named by the alchemists after the god Mercury, and designated by his symbol, ☿.
    • among the planets regarding the solar system, being the one nearest sunlight, where its mean length is approximately 36,000,000 kilometers. Its period is 88 days, and its diameter 3,000 kilometers.
    • A carrier of tidings; a newsboy; a messenger; ergo, in addition, a newspaper.
    • Sprightly or mercurial high quality; nature; mutability; fickleness.
    • A plant (Mercurialis annua), associated with Spurge household, the leaves of which are now and again used for spinach, in Europe.
    • In Roman mythology, the name of a Roman divinity, who became identified because of the Greek Hermes.
    • [lowercase or cap.] Pl. mercuries (-riz). Person who acts like god Mercury in his capability of a messenger; a conveyor of development or information; an intelligencer.
    • therefore [lowercase or cap.] A common title for a newspaper or periodical publication; formerly, also, a newspaper-carrier or a seller of periodicals.
    • [lowercase] Warmth or liveliness of temperament; nature; sprightly characteristics; hence, liability to change; fickleness.
    • The innermost planet of the solar system.
    • [lowercase] Chemical symbolization, Hg; atomic weight, 200.1. A metal of a silver-white shade and brilliant metallic luster, special because it's liquid at ordinary conditions.
    • [lowercase] A plant for the genus Mercurialis, mainly M. perennis, your dog's-mercury, locally called Kentish balsam (which see, under Kentish), and M. annua, the yearly or French mercury. See Mercurialis.
    • In older usage, the Chenopodium Bonus-Henricus. See allgood and good-King-Henry. This is actually the English, untrue, or wild mercury.
    • In heraldry, the tincture purple, whenever blazoning is performed because of the planets.
    • temperature assessed by a mercury thermometer
    • (Roman mythology) messenger of Jupiter and god of business; equivalent of Greek Hermes
    • a heavy silvery harmful univalent and bivalent metallic factor; the sole steel this is certainly fluid at ordinary temperatures
    • the smallest world and closest into sunshine
  • verb-transitive:
    • to clean with a preparation of mercury.
  • others:
    • To wash with a preparation of mercury.

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