memorial definition

  • noun:
    • One thing, such a monument or holiday, designed to celebrate or honor the memory of you or an event.
    • A written statement of facts or a petition provided to a legislative human body or an executive.
    • A structure, like a monument, intended to celebrate the memory of someone or event
    • something of remembrance or commemoration
    • a statement of realities put down in the form of a petition to an individual in expert, a court or tribunal, a government, etc.
    • Everything designed to protect the memory of you or occasion; something that acts to help keep something different in remembrance; a monument.
    • A memorandum; accurate documentation.
    • A written representation of details, addressed toward government, or even some branch of it, or to a society, etc., -- usually accompanied with a petition.
    • Memory; commemoration.
    • A species of informal condition report, much found in settlement.
    • That which preserves the memory of anything; everything created or adjusted to act as a reminder of an individual, a conference, or a fact or realities of any kind owned by overdue, as a record, a monument, an inscription, a custom, a periodical observance, etc.: as, the “Memorial of St. Helena,” a book by Las situations; the Martyrs' Memorial at Oxford.
    • In law: a quick note or abstract, designed for registry, exhibiting the particulars of a deed, etc.
    • In Scots legislation, a statement of facts bearing upon a certain point, doubtful or disputed, so that you can get counsel's viewpoint upon that time; a statement of details or points in dispute for use or advice of counsel; a brief.
    • A written representation of realities built to a legislative or any other body whilst the floor of a petition, or a representation of facts accompanied with a petition.
    • In diplomacy, among a class of informal condition reports much utilized in negotiations, embracing such documents as circulars provided for foreign agents, answers into the communications of ambassadors, and records to foreign cabinets and ambassadors.
    • Memory; remembrance; whatever is remembered (about an individual or thing).
    • Eccles. See commemoration, repayments Synonyms 1. Memorial, Monument, Memento, Souvenir, and Memorandum agree in which means that which places one in head or helps someone to remember; all but memorandum are especially means of keeping a revered or endeared individual, destination, etc., in memory. A memorandum is probably an email manufactured in purchase to prevent the forgetting of something crucial, specifically something might easily slip from the head Memento and souvenir vary really somewhat, souvenir becoming a somewhat more increased word: we give a novel or a lock of tresses as a memento; we prize a faded flower as a souvenir of a visit to Mount Vernon with pals today separated from united states. Memorial and monument are now and again similar: as, the Martyrs' Memorial at Oxford is essentially a monument. A monument is normally one shaft or line, while the Washington monument; a memorial can be a commemorative construction, an illuminated screen, a book, etc.
    • a recognition of meritorious solution
    • a structure erected to commemorate people or activities
    • a written statement of realities posted together with a petition to an expert
  • adjective:
    • Serving as a remembrance of an individual or a meeting; commemorative.
    • Of, associated with, or being in memory.
    • Serving as a remembrance of somebody or something; commemorative
    • providing to preserve commemoration; commemorative.
    • found in memory.
    • Mnemonic; assisting the memory.
  • others:
    • Preservative of memory; serving for commemoration: since, a memorial tablet; a memorial screen in a church.
    • within your memory; in the memory of man: against immemorial.

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