mechanical equivalent of heat definition

  • noun:
    • initially thought as how many products of work that the product of temperature can do, comparable to the mechanical power which should be expended to boost the temperature of a pound of water one level Fahrenheit; later on this worth was thought as one Uk thermal unit (B.t.u). Its price ended up being discovered by Joule to be 772 base weight; later on measurements supply the value as 777.65 foot-pounds, equivalent to 107.5 kg-meters. This worth ended up being originally called Joule's comparable, but the modern Joule is defined differently, being 107 ergs. The B.t.u. is offered as 1,054.35 absolute Joules, therefore 1 calorie (the total amount of heat needed seriously to raise one gram of liquid one level centigrade) is the same as 4.186 Joules.
    • See under Equivalent.
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