meat definition

  • noun:
    • The edible flesh of animals, especially that of mammals as opposed to that of fish or poultry.
    • The edible component, by some fresh fruit or a nut.
    • The essence, substance, or gist: the meat for the editorial.
    • Slang Something that one enjoys or excels in; a forte: Tennis is his animal meat.
    • Nourishment; meals: "Love just isn't all: it isn't animal meat nor beverage” ( Edna St. Vincent Millay).
    • Vulgar Slang The human body regarded as an object of sexual desire.
    • Vulgar Slang The genitals.
    • A meathead.
    • A totem; metonymy for the owner(s).
    • Food, overall; everything eaten for nourishment, either by guy or beast. For this reason, the delicious section of such a thing.
    • The flesh of animals made use of as meals; esp., animal muscle.
    • Dinner; the chief meal.
    • Food overall; nutrition of any kind.
    • Solid food of any sort: as, animal meat and drink.
    • The flesh of warm-blooded creatures ordinarily killed for food; butcher-meat; flesh-meat: as, to abstain from beef but consume seafood on Friday: in a narrower good sense, the flesh of animals employed for meals: as, to like beef to fowl or fish; bear-meat; deer-meat.
    • The delicious section of anything: since, the animal meat of an egg, of a nut, or of a shell-fish: often with a plural: since, the meat of peanuts or of oysters.
    • The taking of food or a meal; the work of eating beef, in initial feeling of the term: as. elegance before beef.
    • supper.
    • An animal or creatures collectively, as utilized or hunted for meals: because, to eliminate beef for an exploring party. [Regional.]
    • Meat which needs to be well cooked, making no trace of bloodiness, as veal.
    • plural The trade-name for cottonseed that the keeps of fibre (‘lint’) and husk (‘hulls’) have-been eliminated and which is prepared for smashing.
    • the choicest or most important or most vital part of some concept or experience
    • the internal and often edible part of a seed or grain or fan or good fresh fruit stone
    • the flesh of animals (including fishes and birds and snails) used as meals
  • verb-transitive:
    • to provide with food.
  • others:
    • to provide with meals; feed.
    • An obsolete spelling of meet.

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