magnitude definition

  • noun:
    • Greatness of rank or place: "such duties as had been anticipated of a landowner of his magnitude” ( Anthony Powell).
    • Greatness in dimensions or degree: The magnitude associated with flooding had been impossible to understand.
    • Greatness in value or influence: had been surprised by the magnitude regarding the crisis.
    • Astronomy The degree of brightness of a celestial body designated on a numerical scale, by which the brightest star features magnitude -1.4 and the faintest visible star features magnitude 6, using the scale rule in a way that a decrease of just one product represents an increase in evident brightness by an issue of 2.512. Also called evident magnitude.
    • Mathematics A number assigned to a quantity such that it could be compared to other amounts.
    • Mathematics A property that may be described by a genuine quantity, like the number of a sphere or the length of a vector.
    • Geology A measure of this amount of energy released by an earthquake, as suggested in the Richter Scale.
    • absolutely the or general size, degree or significance of anything.
    • An order of magnitude.
    • lots, assigned to some thing, so that it could be compared to other people numerically
    • Of a vector, standard, most often, the two-norm.
    • The evident brightness of a star (on a poor, logarithmic scale); evident magnitude
    • A measure of this power circulated by an earthquake (example. in the Richter scale).
    • Extent of measurements; size; -- put on items that have actually length, breadth, and depth.
    • That which has actually a number of of this three measurements, length, breadth, and depth.
    • any such thing that higher or less are predicated, as time, weight, power, and so on.
    • Greatness; grandeur.
    • Greatness, in mention of influence or result; importance.
    • See magnitude of a star, the following.
    • Greatness; vastness, whether in a physical or a moral feeling; brilliance.
    • Largeness of connection or relevance; importance; consequence: since, in affairs of magnitude disdain never to simply take counsel.
    • Size, or the home of experiencing dimensions; the extended level of a line, area, or solid; size, area, or amount.
    • any type of continuous volume which can be similar with extended quantity.
    • In astronomy, the brightness of a star expressed according to the numerical system utilized by astronomers for that purpose.
    • In ancient prosody, the size of a syllable, base, colon, or meter, expressed in terms of the metrical product (primary time, semeion, or mora): as, a foot of trisemic magnitude; a colon of icosasemic magnitude.
    • the house of general size or level (whether large or small)
    • several assigned into ratio of two volumes; two volumes tend to be of the identical order of magnitude if one is under 10 times since huge as various other; how many magnitudes that amounts vary is specified to within an electrical of 10
    • relative importance

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