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  • noun:
    • A ground or shaped piece of glass, synthetic, or other transparent material with other surfaces either-or each of that are curved, by means of which light rays tend to be refracted in order that they converge or diverge to make a graphic.
    • a variety of two or more these types of pieces, often with other optical devices including prisms, accustomed develop a picture for viewing or photographing. Also known as compound lens.
    • a tool which causes radiation apart from light to converge or diverge by an action analogous to that particular of an optical lens.
    • A transparent, biconvex human body of this eye between your iris while the vitreous humor that concentrates light rays entering through the pupil to make a graphic on retina.
    • An object, usually made of cup, that concentrates or defocuses the light that passes through it.
    • a tool which concentrates or defocuses electron beams.
    • A convex form bounded by two circular arcs, joined up with at their endpoints, the matching concave form being a lune.
    • A genus of legume family members; its bean.
    • The transparent crystalline construction when you look at the eye.
    • A way of looking, literally or figuratively, at one thing.
    • an item of cup, or any other transparent substance, ground with two opposite regular surfaces, either both curved, or one curved plus the other plane, and popular, either singly or combined, in optical devices, for switching the course of rays of light, and thus magnifying items, or elsewhere modifying eyesight. Used, the curved areas are spherical, though seldom cylindrical, or of other figure.
    • some clear substance bounded by two curved areas (usually spherical), or by a curved surface and an airplane.
    • In physiology, within the eye, a double-convex human body placed in the axis of eyesight behind the iris involving the aqueous humor plus the vitreous humor, offering to concentrate rays of light upon the retina; the crystalline lens. See very first cut-under attention.
    • Figuratively, photography, from the usage of lenses in that art.
    • A genus of leguminous plants regarding the tribe Vicie√¶.
    • A genus of dicotyledonous plants of the family Mimosace√¶. There are about 14 species, of which the best-known is L. phaseoloides, the match-box bean or simitar-pod. See Entada, gogo, sea-bean, 1, and simitar-pod.
    • In entomology: The crystalline lens or cone.
    • One of the areas of the ingredient attention.
    • In geology, a body of ore having a lenticular form.
    • A surface-condenser made from two round, dished plates bolted together, resembling in form a double-convex lens.
    • biconvex transparent body situated behind the iris-in the eye; its part (combined with the cornea) is focuses light from the retina
    • (metaphor) a channel by which something is visible or grasped
    • a transparent optical unit regularly converge or diverge transmitted light and to form images
    • genus of small erect or climbing herbs with pinnate leaves and small hidden white flowers and tiny flattened pods: lentils
    • electric equipment that makes use of a magnetic or electric field in order to concentrate a beam of electrons
  • verb-transitive:
    • Informal to produce an image or movie of.
  • verb:
    • To movie, take.
    • In order to become thinner towards the edges.

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