lattice definition

  • noun:
    • An open framework made from strips of steel, timber, or similar material overlapped or overlaid in a consistent, typically crisscross pattern.
    • A structure, including a window, screen, or trellis, made of or containing these types of a framework.
    • some thing, such as for example a decorative motif or heraldic bearing, that resembles an open, patterned framework.
    • Physics an everyday, periodic configuration of things, particles, or items throughout a location or a place, especially the arrangement of ions or molecules in a crystalline solid.
    • Physics The spatial arrangement of fissionable and nonfissionable materials in a nuclear reactor.
    • A flat panel designed with widely-spaced crossed thin strips of timber or other product, popular as a yard trellis.
    • a normal spacing or arrangement of geometric things, often embellished with a motif.
    • A partially bought set-in which every pair of elements has a distinctive supremum and an infimum.
    • A discrete subgroup of Rn which spans the actual vector area Rn.
    • Any work of wood, material, synthetic, or any other solid material, created by crossing a number of parallel laths, or thin pieces, with another show at a diagonal perspective, and forming a network with open positions between the pieces; ; -- called additionally latticework.
    • The representation of an item of latticework used as a bearing, the groups becoming straight and horizontal.
    • The arrangement of atoms or molecules in a crystal, represented as a repeating arrangement of points in space, each point representing the area of an atom or molecule; called in addition crystal lattice and space lattice.
    • utilize open spaces created by crossing, interlacing, or joining laths, bars, or rods of metal or wood.
    • something made of or covered with pieces interwoven in order to develop a sortof community; especially, a window, window-blind, or display made of laths or strips which cross one another like system, in order to leave available interstices.
    • In heraldry, a bearing representing a number of perpendicular and horizontal strips crossing one another over the area or a part of it.
    • In textile-manuf., an apron or a conveyer manufactured from laths or slats, and designed to carry material into a machine or from 1 machine to some other.
    • In math, a net made of right lines, straight and horizontal, and inclosing rectangular compartments.
    • an arrangement of things or particles or objects in an everyday periodic structure in a few measurements
    • framework comprising an ornamental design manufactured from pieces of wood or metal
    • small orifice (like a window in a door) by which business may be transacted
  • verb-transitive:
    • to create or provide with a lattice or latticework.
  • verb:
    • In order to make a lattice of.
    • to shut, as an opening, with latticework; to provide with a lattice.
  • verb-intransitive:
    • To make a lattice of.
    • to shut, as an opening, with latticework; to provide with a lattice.
  • others:
    • To furnish with a lattice.
    • to provide the shape or appearance of a lattice to.

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