lasso cell definition

  • noun:
    • among a peculiar kind of protective and unpleasant stinging cells, within great numbers in most cœlenterates, plus in a few pets of other groups. These Are Generally most extremely created in tentacles of jellyfishes, hydroids, and Actiniæ. Every one of these cells is full of, fluid, and possesses a lengthy, slender, frequently barbed, hollow thread coiled up within it. As soon as the cellular contracts the bond is rapidly ejected, coming to the same time frame turned inside-out. The bond is able to penetrate the skin of various little, soft-bodied creatures, and holds a subtle poison where they are quickly paralyzed and killed. The threads, at exactly the same time, keep the victim constantly in place, attached to the tentacles. A number of the jellyfishes, as Portuguese man-of-war, and Cyanea, have the ability to penetrate the person epidermis, and inflict painful stings in the same manner. Known as additionally nettling mobile, cnida, cnidocell.
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