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    • A hinged fixture, such as for example a…
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knocker definition

  • noun:
    • A hinged fixture, such as for example a metal ring or bar, used for knocking on a door.
    • Vulgar Slang a female's tits.
    • A goblin or dwarf believed to stay beneath the earth and direct miners to ore by knocking.
    • A device, typically hinged with a striking plate, employed for slamming on a door.
    • someone who knocks (denigrates) many things.
    • (usually in plural) A woman's tits.
    • A dwarf, goblin, or sprite thought to dwell in mines and to suggest the presence of ore by knocking particularly in Cardigan etc. in Southern Wales (18th..19th century).
    • A mechanical unit in a pinball table that produces a loud percussive sound.
    • one that, or whatever, knocks; particularly, a musical instrument, or kind of hammer, fastened to a door, to be utilized in seeking for admittance.
    • you strikingly handsome, gorgeous, or good; person who wins admiration; a “stunner.”
    • A species of large cockroach, particularly Blabera gigantea, of semitropical The united states, which will be in a position to create a loud knocking sound.
    • a woman's breast.
    • one that knocks.
    • A spirit or goblin supposed to live in mines, also to suggest the existence of wealthy veins of ore by knocking.
    • A knob, bar, or ring of material attached to an outer home, by knocking with which persons looking for admittance can attract the notice of the inmates. It will always be therefore held by a hinge that it could be lifted and permitted to fall against a metal dish or stud, providing a sharp blow. It's today typically offered destination to the door-bell.
    • In milling, a tool attached with a flour-bolt to container or shake it at periods, being release the cloth from the flour.
    • One who keeps up something of ‘knocking’ or persistent assault, with ulterior motives. See knock, v. i., 4.
    • A sort of pendant to a wig.
    • a person who knocks (as trying to get admittance)
    • (Yiddish) a big chance who knows it and functions by doing this; a boastful immoderate person
    • either of two soft fleshy milk-secreting glandular body organs regarding chest of a woman
    • a device (usually metal and ornamental) connected by a hinge to a door
    • person who disparages or belittles the well worth of some thing
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