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kingdom definition

  • noun:
    • a governmental or territorial device ruled by a sovereign.
    • The endless religious sovereignty of Jesus or Christ.
    • The realm of this sovereignty.
    • A realm or sphere by which something is prominent: the kingdom of the imagination.
    • one of several three main divisions (pet, vegetable, and mineral) into which natural organisms and things are categorized.
    • into the Linnaean taxonomic system, the best taxonomic category into which organisms are grouped, centered on fundamental similarities and common ancestry. The Linnaean system designates five these types of classifications: creatures, flowers, fungi, prokaryotes, and protoctists. See Table at taxonomy.
    • A nation having as supreme ruler a king and/or queen.
    • A rank into the classification of organisms, below domain and above phylum; a taxon at that ranking (example. the plant kingdom, the animal kingdom)
    • The position, quality, state, or characteristics of a king; royal expert; sovereign power; guideline; dominion; monarchy.
    • The area or country subject to a king or queen; the dominion of a monarch; the world which one is master or features control.
    • a thorough scientific division distinguished by leading or ruling qualities; a principal division; a department. In contemporary biology, the division of life into five kingdoms is widely used for classification.
    • the energy or expert of a king; regal dominion; supreme guideline.
    • The state of being a king; kinghood; kingship.
    • The area or nation susceptible to a king; the dominion of a king or monarch (see master, 1); as a whole, a domain; country.
    • Everything conceived as constituting a realm or world of independent action or control: as, the kingdom of idea.
    • when you look at the New Testament, because of the definite article, frequently in fuller phrase the kingdom of Jesus, and/or kingdom of paradise, the spiritual reign of Jesus as supreme king, and over topics loyally accepting it: generally conceived as launched by the Messiah, therefore a Messianic kingdom.
    • In all-natural history, among three great divisions which normal things are placed in classification—namely, the animal, vegetable, and mineral kingdoms
    • a monarchy with a king or queen as mind of state
    • a domain for which something is dominant
    • the best taxonomic team into which organisms are grouped; among five biological groups: Monera or Protoctista or Plantae or Fungi or Animalia
    • the domain ruled by a king or queen
    • a basic band of all-natural items
    • a country with a king as head of condition
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